Apple Vinegar For Skin Care

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I initially found out about the apple vinegar from my medicinal school educator Dr.Ahmed Newaj. Apple juice vinegar contains a ton of potassium and can tie to potassium are important for the body follow components as phosphorus, sulfur, magnesium, chlorine, sodium, calcium, press, fluorine, silicon…In the mid 20 th century cultivate tests were led on dairy animals, and at exactly that point juice vinegar American specialists started to prescribe to individuals.

In any case, it turns out, the revelation of recuperating properties of apple juice vinegar has more than old people groups. For instance, he was known for the marvels of antiquated Egypt, which was weakened vinegar with water and wipe face to save his childhood and smoothness of the skin.

Nonetheless, vinegar is helpful to men to look after force, physical quality and perseverance. That it was weakened with water and drank the Roman warriors amid long excursions. As a major aspect of apple juice vinegar – at least 60 natural mixes. Current society prescription suggests the utilization of vinegar in the spring to avoid regular sensitivities – dust plants. To do this two weeks previously the blooming of trees and grasses – early in the day on a vacant stomach and during the evening before sleep time take this cure:

1 glass bubbling water, 1 teaspoon apple juice vinegar + 1 teaspoon of nectar.

After the blooming season vinegar is prescribed on drink an additional 2 weeks.

At the point when low quality sustenance harming, torment in the stomach and guts, indigestion, contamination, greatness in the stomach – to take a month arrangement – 1-2 tbsp. tablespoons apple juice vinegar in a glass of water before every dinner. Whenever aloofness, weakness, laziness, lessened power, proficiency – 2 teaspoons to 1 glass bubbling water + 1 teaspoon of nectar. Devoured thirty minutes previously breakfast. Continuously on a void stomach.

Apple juice vinegar – the basic collaborator hudeyuschego all, since it separates fats, manages digestion and diminishes longings for desserts.

For this situation, take it to 1 glass before every supper.

On 1 st. water – first. tablespoon of vinegar and permitted 1/2 teaspoon of nectar.

Whenever cystitis. first. spoonful of vinegar to some water. Take 5-6 times each prior day suppers.

Whenever sleep deprivation. 2 teaspoons vinegar + 1 teaspoon of nectar in 1 glass of water. Drink before sleep time.

Against the parasite on my feet. Legs wash and wipe a couple of times each day (overnight discretionary) undiluted apple juice vinegar and meta-influenced wet nails.

Weakened apple juice vinegar wipe the body at high temperature. Vinegar assists with creepy crawly chomps in summer.

Cellulite. Undiluted water 1:1 juice vinegar to rub once a day in issue regions to get, the coveted impact.

To dispose of fine wrinkles and avoid huge.

1 tbsp. spoonful of vinegar weakened in the first. bubbled water and wipe look with watchful developments early in the day and night. Such an arrangement can be utilized routinely rather than cream and tonic.

For the ceremony and wonder hair.

2 tbsp. tablespoons of vinegar per 1 liter of water – flush your hair frequently after each wash it.

Vinagre de maça beneficios e maleficios is sold in stores and is modest, yet experienced individuals say that for therapeutic and corrective purposes just appropriate vinegar claim cooking, since it is all helpful properties.

Set it up simple, regardless of whether there are no aptitudes:

1. You will require:

1 kg over-ready, sweet apples;

70 gr. sugar

1 liter of water


Apples are washed and cut into little pieces, lay in a polish bowl and pour high temp water with the goal that water secured apples on 2 fingers. Put the dish in a warm place in the shade. Now and again a great deal of mix. Following 14 days, strain through cheesecloth, collapsed in two layers, and pour in three-liter jug maturation. Following 14 days, to empty vinegar into dull jugs, not topping off the neck of 6-7cm. Stopped up. Store in a dim place.

2. You will require:

400gr. apples

2 glasses water

50g. sugar

5g. yeast


Apples are washed, grind, to move into the huge jug. Water to bubble, cool, load with apple her weight.

Place jostle in clear in a dull place, for instance, in the wash room for two weeks. Massu to blend early in the day and night with a wooden spoon.